All I Need Is Faith

Friday, September 23, 2011

It is easy to recite 'I believe in God, the Father Almighty...'. Yet when confronted with 'dark night' especially if the night is so long, can we still say I believe?

Many people doesn't really grasp the real meaning of such claim as "I believe". They do claim they have faith in the supreme being when it is all sunshine and they live comfortably.

I have read the story of Job a lot of times. Yes that man who have lost everything: properties, children, health, and whatever else he hold important except one thing, his faith.

And there were some people who tried very hard, really hard to convince him of the futility of his faith. But he held on...

Whatever is in the mind of Job all this time that he had been in the 'dark night'?
Was there a moment when he doubted? The bible does not say.

And then there is the story of Joseph the dreamer. He was thrown in a pit, sold as a commodity to the Egyptians, the Pharoah's wife tried to seduce him and when he refused, he thrown into prison like a criminal. Oh, what was he thinking all the time he suffered injustice? Did he not, even for a moment, doubted the existence of a loving God?

Never ba siyang nagtanong nang 'Lord bakit ako pa?

Job and Joseph, as the bible tells us, that after so much suffering, God, at last, in his bountiful mercy, rewarded them with more wealth and power!

Very dramatic indeed.

There is only one lesson here I guest. God do really want faith from us. To believe in Him even if there is no more reason to believe.

Peace to all...


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