Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day dreaming is different from having a dream. Daydreaming is dreaming and doing nothing to achieve the dream. But to have a dream means to have some kind of goal that is achievable in the near term or in the long run.

I wrote in my profile that I am a dreamer. I have many dreams. Or rather I have too many dreams. Is it bad? Please forgive me if I think it is not. After all, buhay ko ito, ika nga. And remember, libre lang ang mangarap!

I was taught in my childhood to have a dream because it is disastrous not to have one. Later, I read in some inspirational books that the first step to success is to have a dream. Then have a plan. Then execute that plan. Then persevere. And so on.

Looking back now, I would say the result is mixed. I achieved some but I have stumbled a lot. Looking forward, I am hopeful that the other goals I have set for myself will soon be realized.

It is in this context that I would say it was Susan Boyle who inspired me a lot in 2009. (Sorry folks if you haven't heard of this lady. Well, she lived to see her dream being realized even in the most unkindly environment at past middle age!) Oh di ba, hindi pa huli ang lahat...Sana nga.


gege January 3, 2010 at 12:24 PM  

i have a dream.. a song to sing...
parehas tayo, dreamer din ako... pero madalas nagiging day dreamer ako.
pero di palagi!
MADALAS lang...
go kuya!
inspirational book... idol ko dyan si Bo Sanchez.
check out,
fill your life with miracles...


Misalyn January 3, 2010 at 7:27 PM  

Tama yan, mangarap tayo pero dapat we have to consider na SMART yan. S for specific , M for measurable, A- attainable,R-realistic and T for timely, dapat may time frame.

Para yang phases of change, you have to 'unfreeze' then execute or implement the change and refreeze once you achieved your goal. Endless ang process, it gives us time to ponder and evaluate kung tama ba ang mga ginawa natin or kung may dapat tayong idagdag or baguhin.

Another wonderful thoughts Ernest. You should stop by my Nurse on Call blog. I would love to know what is your thougths above the weeds and the friendship.

Have a nice day. Keep blogging.

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